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In late Aug 2016 my boyfriend Scott Haeger saw a flyer from a company called Acrobat Outsourcing [note: Acrobat (U2 song)] seeking staff for Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference, Tue Oct 4 through Fri Oct 7. We knew U2 was playing Dreamfest, the concert at Dreamforce. I made an appointment for August 29, worried that there would be too many staffed already. However, it turned out I was one of the first to answer the ad. I asked to be placed at Dreamforce on Oct 5 but said I was available other days that week, so they scheduled me Sun, Oct 2 through Wed Oct 5 including a day of registration, two days of registration, and Dreamfest!

On the day of Dreamfest, dozens of us workers spent a long but fun day in the barn where they used to store the cows. But above us on the hill was this room where the after-party occurred. This shot is during the day.

We also had some time to check out the stage area early in the day. Later, finally as we started to march back outside, all together for the show, we were being lead to the upper parking lot to operate merchant stands. I pulled Scott aside and said, "I don't know what we're going to do, but I am not missing the show." His idea was to beeline over to the ADA ramp (lifted above the crowd for any concertgoer with a legitimate disability, best place in the house!) where he saw a few other workers. He said we were sent to this area. I added that (fill in name of our supervisor which I forget now) sent us. The guy in charge seemed perplexed as he had enough workers in the area, but he compliantly agreed. He even fit us on the overcrowded cart as he drove us back to the barn to get gloves, caps and scarves so we would be warmer, and it was still daylight.

Later as the audience started forming, Scott and I had a tight hug. We just could not believe our good luck for this day. Our friend Iris took this of us without us knowing!

The best part of the night was when Scott was trying to block a woman and a man from walking up the ramp when I realized it was Edge's wife Morleigh Steinberg and Bono's best friend Gavin Friday. So I very vocally told Scott it was okay and why. Morleigh and Gavin said they were trying to avoid fans who were sneaking cigarettes in the crowd. We got to watch a few songs with them by our side!

And of course a great part of the night was watching Bono fire Trump, courtesy of YouTube:


Originally my bestie Naomi Blackwood was coming with me on the trip for one show, but we didn't realize how much the flights would be. My ex-boyfriend Nick decided to go so we swapped our extra ticket for each night and booked a flight together. 

He and I came straight from the airport to get in line (which Lianne started, you can see the 1 on her hand) to meet our friend Laetitia and join the queue 24 hours in advance of the first Toronto show. Nick ended up relieving Lianne overnight so she could rest. Here's group:

First evening in Toronto after flying all day and checking into the queue. No show this night. Pint glasses had messages on them and I kept spotting ones that were similar to U2 lyrics! This one reads, "Hold me Thrill Me Just don't spill me." A play on Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me at Jack Astor's Patio. 

"Sisters, brothers" One (U2 song) ... I made "Mirrorball Mark" laugh saying, "Where's my U2Sistah necklace? That's what I wanna know!" Notice our Adam Clayton glasses. He is the bassist in ACROBAT - The U2 Tribute Show and has been on stage a few times now! Check out U2 Brothr - The Movie. Queueing, Toronto1 — with Mark Baker. 

A gal passed out these signs in the queue for Toronto1. Bono actually sang the With or Without You coda during Toronto2. I jumped up and down and cried so hard. Hadn't heard it since Croatia in 2009. 

My first time on catwalk near main stage on this tour. I cried when we got here! 7/6/15, Toronto1 — with Laetitia Lieutaud. 

Taken by U2TOURFANS. 7/6/15, Toronto1 — with Laetitia and Nick. 

7/6/15, Toronto1 — with The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr. and Bono. 

Intermission. 7/6/15, Toronto1 — with Trisha Layton and Laetitia Lieutaud. 

Queue list. The first 7 took shifts of staying in line all night. Nick, Laetitia and I didn't have to do it, because Nick stayed up all night leading the queue the night before! — with Syrene Reilly, Geisa Gibin, Anu Bahri, Noah Joshua Alexander, Debbie Loncar, Jodi Warren, Laetitia Lieutaud, Names Hendo and Cathy Bilotta.

Front of queue. I was #8. 7/7/15, Toronto2 — with Debbie Loncar, Names Hendo, Nate Roberts, Laetitia Lieutaud, Anu Bahri, Jodi Warren and Nick Buckmaster. 

We're trying fake crying here to emulate the photo from our London show where we met on the 360 Tour (see pic below). 7/7/15, Toronto2 — with Syrene Reilly and Laetitia Lieutaud 

Sunday Bloody Sunday. The song that started it all for me in 1984...became my "bathroom and beer" song for years...but now it's acoustic so I stay! 7/7/15, Toronto2 — with Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., The Edge and Adam Clayton. 

City of Blinding Lights. The highest hand is the gal in front of me who was on the corner. I was first on the catwalk and had just put on my fly shades for the "blinding lights." Nick and Laetitia are behind me. Toronto2, 7/7/15 — with Adam Clayton and Laetitia Lieutaud. 

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

LOS ANGELES (LA2 & almost Roxy)

I'll let my Facebook Note cover this for now:

Many of you know him. His name his Roman "Romi" Gokhman. I think it is important that other fans know how they can be betrayed. Here is my long story (which is about my Roxy experience as well as Roman's lies):

*On Wed 5/20, I saw my friend Ximena on the bus to Union Square. Turned out we had been on the same CalTrain back from the SJ shows. I walked her to the hostel where she was staying, only a few blocks from my apartment. We said we would get together in the next few days.

*On Thu 5/21, I saw on FB that she was going to lunch with Roman near my apartment. He's someone I've known for years; I went to his wedding. I asked them both if I could join, and they both said of course. Roman and I agreed that we would take breaks during lunch to call KROQ.

*As we were in line to order lunch, Roman announced his plans to leave for LA with his family early on Mon 5/25. He invited Ximena to come along, albeit she already had a flight booked back to Germany. I said I might take her place if I could. 

*After lunch, before Roman returned to work, he suggested that we make a pact to try and win tickets together. I agreed. (I wondered why his wife would be on the trip if he wasn't planning to take her, but I figured she's not as big a fan as I am and would watch the babies at the hotel, allowing him to increase his chances for a win.)

*Roman refused to give me his cell phone number, which was very suspicious since I told him I do not have Internet on my phone (so how would I reach him if I won and was not online). 

*On Tue 5/26, I heard one winner on the radio say he was "Roman from Inglewood." Roman Gokhman is from Concord. So I emailed him to ask him if he won. He said he had bad news, that a non-CA friend won and gave KROQ his name. He said if he didn't take that friend, then KROQ would change names, and he wouldn't get to go. Then he admitted that he had 15 non-CA friends trying to win with his name. When I called him on being unfair to me, he said that he posted on FB/Twitter that if anyone won and used his name, they could go with him, and that he couldn't get more open than that. I reminded him that I do not have Internet on my phone so I do not have the ability to "tweet" on my phone or see FB unless I'm on a computer (so he knew I couldn't or wouldn't likely see these posts of his). Moreover, I remembered that the Roxy date was also the day of his anniversary. I asked him about it, since I'm sure his wife wouldn't like him taking this non-CA fan instead of her. He did not reply. 

*Once I knew for sure that I no longer had to promise Roman my second ticket if I won, I texted my friend Declan from LA who said he would give me his second ticket if he won (even if mine were promised to Roman). So Declan and I began frantically calling KROQ together.*On Wed 5/27, I rented a car, leaving SF about 8a, and drove to see LA2. I had "won" a ticket after interviewing with a So-Cal fan named Jorge who wanted to give a ticket to a woman with a good soul. (In part, I accepted the LA2 ticket so it would place me in LA in case I could get into the Roxy.) Hearing about U2 tour manager Dennis Sheehan's death on the drive down made the show extra special. After the show I met my friend and "U2 co-pilot" Chris Starr to stay with him at his apartment. [Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO] 

*On the morning of Thu 5/28, I drove by the Roxy with Chris to see if there was a line. We saw a half dozen security guards and one fan, but he was not starting a line. After going to breakfast, we drove by again and saw Roman starting the winner line and honked and waved, but I wasn't sure if he knew it was me. I emailed him later that it was me. My friend Chris's ex-girlfriend won tickets that morning so they were set to go. The three of us got back to the venue late afternoon and saw Roman again. I congratulated him, and he said he felt badly. I told him that I understood why he didn't tell me what he did but that he should have. Then I found out there was a non-winner line on the other side of the venue so got in it. My friend Declan met me. We talked to one guy selling a ticket for $600 but decided to pass. Later Declan and I decided to go to a pub down the street for a drink and a bite and then try and get to the door of the Roxy. I made it to the door but Declan gave up and left. Then I was forced to leave the door area. So I went to the Rainbow Room. I had to borrow $5 from someone entering for the bar cover charge. Then I bought the guy a drink to repay him and talked to him and this couple about how much we were all determined to get into the Roxy. The guy disappeared for a bit so I told the couple I was going to check out the barricade at the back lot. Later the guy was scoping out where I was. I motioned for him to join me in the center of the second row, but he seemed to ignore me. A few minutes later all three of them walked hand in hand past the barricade and around to the other side of the venue. I tried to touch them but couldn't reach them. I'll never know if they somehow magically got in. 

*A few fans left so I got to the front row of the barricade. A Roxy employee came out with a few set-lists and in part asked, "When did U2's first album come out?" I screamed out, "1980!" and was handed a set-list, which made me very happy. Later, Larry came out but got in his car immediately. Adam came out, but I didn't ask for his autograph since I already got it in SJ (I did get a dark photo of him that I might upload later). Then Edge came out and I got to touch him but he wasn't signing. Bono apparently stayed at the after-party, even past 2am when the Rainbow Room was closing. Fortunately after that I scored the most amazing bootleg U2 Roxy blouse (see photos on this page); it made my WHOLE night.

*On Fri 5/29 I saw pictures of Roman in line and the Roxy with...his wife. So he had planned all along to take her and not me or a non-CA fan. I emailed Roman about it but he didn't answer.

*This morning Sun 5/31 I emailed Roman again to say, "Repeatedly I don't get an answer from you. You are known as an honest and generous person. I am tempted to tell the whole U2 family my story. How do you plead??" His reply (before blocking me as a friend and removing me from his U2 group on FB) was, "Goddammit Bronwyn. I'm on fucking vacation and you have not stopped messaging me since before we left. You invited yourself to lunch. Fine. Then you tried to invite yourself on our drive down. Not cool. Then you don't just take my word for it and leave it alone. I no longer care what you think or who you tell. I don't care. I have better things to do than plead a case to you. The way you have been acting makes me realize I lucked out. Get it? This is too much!" (Please read above to see that I didn't just show up at lunch, and it was reasonable to think I could go with his family on their trip.)

*I am sharing all this because I am disgusted that this would happen in the spirit of U2, especially with Roman knowing that I have been following U2 since 1984 (13 years before Roman started) and seen 79 U2 concerts. Sure would have been nice for the Roxy to be my 80th in the way it was promised to me....

Yours U2ly,Bronwyn aka Ms. Brono

P.S. The bottom line is this. If I had won I would have taken him. But look what happened when he won, and especially when he had a chance to redeem himself.

UPDATE 7/8/15: I thought of this before but didn't do it yet. A friend in Toronto reminded me. I reported this situation by email to KROQ today. 


Bonus pic: The earrings I bought for the tour. Got my bestie Naomi a pair first, then decided I had to have them too. I call mine Edgies. 

TUESDAY 5/19. Cabbed back to line a bit after 5a. My ex-boyfriend Nick told me how he and his friends (7-9 in line) almost got bumped for being 5 minutes late. He told the "U2 Line Nazi" to F-off and they let them keep their places in line, ha. We checked in and realized most everyone had brought chairs etc. We stupidly forgot that we could have driven to the venue as I had read the GA rules and they were allowing parking lot refunds while fans stood in line all day. We could have even easily parked on the street for a few hours and sat in the warm car. Naomi went to Starbucks for coffees and pastries. I sat on the sidewalk for a bit. A fan who recognized me from when I started the Oakland line in 2011 offered me a blanket. Then Naomi was sitting on a bench and met a homeless guy. My friend Chris Starr called and needed someone to stand in line for his friend, saying he'd pay him $50 so the homeless guy stepped up. At 8a the venue moved us across the street next to the entrance doors. At 9a they handed out wristbands (which had "Southside" or "Northside" on them). Then we were free to go until 5p. We went back to the hotel but couldn't sleep. We showered and went back to the venue by 2p, hearing that the band was coming out around 2:30 or 3:00. Edge had already come out. I got second row center at the barricade and did see Larry and Bono come out. I didn't ask Larry for anything since I already have his auto/photograph from 2001, and Bono didn't have time for either for anyone. I didn't expect Adam to come out so I started to go to an empty chair next Nick. Then Adam came out and I ran back. Luckily I had my real ticket from the night before and just reached over people and put it close to his face. My friend had given me a pair of white sunglasses that are very Adam Popmart. I was wearing them for the first time and I think he noticed them! This blurry pic was taken with my phone camera.

Ten minutes later I was texting a friend "I got Adam's..." and I started crying, hyperventilating SO happily! I didn't quite understand my reaction but then Nick reminded me that I've been following the band for 31 years. And then I remembered that Adam was the only one I hadn't met before! We went back to the pub to eat and have a drink. Met some funny people. Gal kept joking that my new friend Fabio ("Fabono") were going to marry because we're each such diehard fans. Then I had to go into my anti-marriage debate. Fabio and I are in touch over text, usually over whatever U2 song is on our mind. Maybe we'll see a show together next year. 

Since we had GA, we had to miss Zoo Station tonight. So Naomi and I went back to the line by 5p, expecting the doors open at 6p. At about 5:45 I didn't think the doors would open on time and started thinking I should use the restroom in the park. When I got to the one restroom there was a homeless woman hogging it, so I ran into the park. Then I got a text from Naomi that the doors opened and where was I! I ran over there, grabbed Naomi, and luckily we resumed our spot in the line but on the inner stairway of the venue. My U2 co-pilot Chris Starr was yelling at me for knowing better. When the inner doors opened we successfully shuffled to the beginning of the catwalk by the b-stage. Got a few drinks and enjoyed the rail compared to our seats last night. During City of Blinding Lights, Nick picked up our friend Alfredo's son Jacob. 

After the concert we went back to the pub again for yet more Zoo Station, my 207th show of theirs. Saw some Zoo fans there I hadn't seen in years. 

MONDAY 5/18. On Sunday (the day before) I worked until 5:30pm. Afterward Steve and Marly Dorsett and Steve's mom and I went out to dinner in Chinatown to pre-celebrate U2 coming to town. On Monday I had a complimentary re-do at Drybar at 11:30 am. Then I took a 1:00 CalTrain to Palo Alto. My best friend Naomi Blackwood picked me up there at 2:00. We checked into an EZ 8 Motel in SJ by 3:00. A bit in the ghetto, but I was just happy that Naomi made an executive decision to get a hotel room! I'm too indecisive to do such things, especially since it's never been necessary for local shows!

When the tickets went on sale, I tried for GAs but didn't get any tickets. A few months ago I saw a fan selling a pair of seats for face value on Facebook and grabbed them. Since we had seats, it was relaxed up until the show. We heard the band might come out at 4:00, so got to the venue by that time. The band had come out a couple of hours earlier. Friends had met all band-members (except Adam). Saw Marisa by the barricades (see pic below).

Went to O'Flaherty's pub before the U2 concert. Na and I (see pic below) discovered a yummy Raspberry Cream Ale and split Fettuccine Alfredo. It was my 205th time seeing the SF U2 tribute Zoo Station play. 

Got to our seats in Section 206.

It was easy to get a beer and go outside for a social smoke. When the band came on stage I slipped out of my seat onto the floor and BAWLED! I was happier than I could have even imagined to see them all in one piece! When UTEOTW started I went so pinwheel crazy that I almost got kicked out. Nick was at show with our mutual friend Jodi and she got on stage!

Everyone's favorite show so far, even those who went to Vancouver. Unusual as typically the second of two shows is better. After the show we went to the line forming for the next night and got numbers 44 and 45 and were told to be back at 5a. Then we went back to the pub and heard more Zoo, my 206th! Cabbed back to hotel.

Friday, April 20, 2012

SF's Award-Winning U2 Tribute Band Celebrates 10 Years

See the VIDEO my friends Mia, Amy, Ayumi, and I worked on to thank our favorite non-U2 band for 10 years of, well, U2!

Friday, July 22, 2011


*Please remember to read in REVERSE chron within each entry*

THURSDAY 7/21: Woke up a little scared. I'm a minimalist and live in a jumbo studio/junior 1BD apartment in SF. To be in a bedroom where I have to turn a corner is a little fearsome for me. But I was thrilled to run a gigantic whirlpool bath. Brad did some business in his room while I made it down to the complimentary hotel breakfast to get us coffee and danishes. I love when mini hazelnut Coffeemates are provided!

We drove to NYC to meet my friends Eleonora and Adele, who I first met on a leg of the tour in Europe in summer 2009. First we followed Ele's directions to Bono's apartment building. I took a PHOTO from the car. We were looking for a place to park or pull over but couldn't find one. Brad noticed a couple guys with U2 shirts sitting on a bench across from Bono's apartment building. I thought I recognized the two gals sitting there too as Ele and Adele but figured it wasn't possible since they said they were at the restaurant already. Turns out it was them!

I made us sit outside for lunch in the ridiculous heat at Trattoria Dell'Arte. We shared a bottle of wine, toasting to the four of us meeting up in Italy on the next tour! Then I learned how NY can be as Brad tried to get me to JFK Airport in time. As I entered the airport I turned around and said goodbye to NY. As the sliding door closed, I felt tears come. We checked me in and then all the sudden I had to get in a line and say goodbye to Brad. We gave each other a big hug and promised we'd let each other know as we were home safely. Luckily, I get to visit with him on his business trip to SF on August 4.

WEDNESDAY 7/20: *MY 76th U2 SHOW*

Woke up a little hungover, but nonetheless very excited to get on with the U2 day. We attempted to find my sweater at the hotel and restaurant but to no avail. Then we drove to New Jersey, cranking up some U2 on the car stereo. We checked into one of two rooms (my suite wasn't ready yet) and inquired about the shuttle to the stadium. One had just left and we didn't want to wait. So we decided to drive, which was nice so we could bring our cooler with more beers than if we carried it on the shuttle. We parked in Lot J-18 (remembering 18 for the U218 CD) and looked for the will call. We went to the wrong one at first. Brad ran ahead to the correct one. As I followed, two friends in the GA line spotted me: Eleonora (from Italy) and Ben (from France). Gave them quick hugs and told them I'd visit them later after the tickets and line were squared away.

Brad and I got to the line right about noon when the Red Zone will call was due to open. However, there were already a few people in line. Luckily, there was one Red Zone line for both sides, so Brad and I ended up being the first in line for the Edge side!

Didn't seem that hot at first, perhaps because we had some shade in line in the beginning. But as the day progressed, we were dripping. Was so nice to be with a U2 mate who had and liked to drink cold beers in line! Saw others as they walked (back) to the GA line: Brad Dier, Khelia, Brad Barnhorn. At some point in the afternoon I realized I forgot the sign and poem I printed for Bono. Called the hotel to inquire about a shuttle. Had to walk around the stadium and through the train tunnel. Seemed to take forever, to the point that Brad texted me to come back if the shuttle hadn't gotten me yet. But it just had. When we got to the hotel, I said I'd just run to the room and be right back, making sure the driver would be there. He said he wouldn't be but another would. When I came back down, the driver left for another run. So I had to wait 20 minutes. Not easy when it's after 4 and the gate is due to open at 5. Luckily there was a computer open in the lobby, and I hadn't been online for a full day or two. I wasn't quite finished checking my Facebook notifications, when other concertgoers announced the shuttle arrived. Luckily the shuttle dropped us off so that we didn't have to walk through the train tunnel. I ran around the stadium and found everyone standing in the Red Zone line. I had an "8" on my hand, so I just moved to the front, showing my hand. Then I noticed there were than 8 people in front of me, so I moved ahead of those who did not have numbers on their hands. I suddenly felt very anxious--I was used having my ex-boyfriend/good friend Nick with me and he often was the first one in and would secure a spot if I fell behind. I talked with the gals in front of me about making a deal to save spots. Then I realized that *I* was the first gal in line, which was GREAT yet more pressuring. "This is the Red Zone" I told myself. Minus the scanner not working (like in Pasadena), I was sure to make it to the corner rail like Brad and I wanted. The GA line was let in at was like 5:20 before they finally opened the gate for the Red Zone. I followed the sign that said "Red Zone 1" although gate security tried to tell us that was where to go for Red Zone 2. People behind me started running the other way, but I asked the lady at the door and she said THIS was it! I screamed, "Then WHY isn't the door open!?" I opened the door and led the way. I ran ahead...what a good feeling, like being backstage. Brad caught up with me. When we made it back outside, we almost went to the left but asked and were motioned to the right. YES, we were the first ones in our line to make it to the Red Zone, Edge side. But then...we spotted a family we didn't recognize in the corner. We ran over and they asked us why the rush. So we told them how we waited in line since noon. The dad said his friend works at the stadium and got his family access and couldn't understand why we'd wait. We told him how we wanted the corner rail but settled for next to the corner rail, which is what I had in Pasadena (due to the scanner not working) but Adam side. PIC

We got beers and pizza and analyzed Interpol opening. I'd seen them at Coachella in 2007--enjoy their albums but they're nothing special live. Finally, it was pre-U2 and I decided to capture a photo of the SCREEN, which I didn't often see from inside the circle. Then Brad got a photo of just me and my buddy THE CLAW. And took one of the Claw upside down. PIC.

(Brono #76, Brad #10 but following their albums since the beginning)

I cried for most of the first half of the show. Part of it was the Achtung Baby and Zooropa songs they were playing (and I'd only heard in Oakland), but it was also me eating up my last show on the tour. During the show, I slipped my card to the dad of the family on the rail corner. He was getting some good shots. So far he still hasn't emailed me. But I got this shot after Walk On, and it was my first time seeing (or noticing) the Amnesty International lights. PIC which is the photo above for this entry. I give the show an 8.5. I expected a NY/NJ to be crazier than it was, but it was the LONGEST show on the tour, including an encore of Out of Control after Moment of Surrender!

As Brad and I walked out, we turned and bowed to the Claw. Then we went to the car, planning to post-tailgate. My friend Chris was in town from the Bay Area visiting his twin brother, so they joined us for some beer and smokes and we analyzed the show. Here is a PIC of their view. It was nice to hardly notice the traffic and how long it took concertgoers to exit since we were having our own little party. When we got back to the hotel, I was shocked to have my own suite that is bigger than my SF apartment. A little spooky at night but I was so happy to crash in a king bed(room).

TUESDAY 7/19: Skipped staying up to see Bono & Edge live on Letterman since I had to leave for the airport by 6:30am. Told my mother to watch it for me, and she loved it. Took 8:30am flight to JFK. With the time change I didn't arrive until 5:30pm EST. My friend, Brad Barros (who friended me on MySpace years ago due to my U2-decorated page) picked me up at the airport. He complimented me on my U2 rhinestone shirt I was wearing which I had made on the last tour.

We drove to Greenwich Village and checked into Hotel Gansevoort. My mouth was agape when I exited the elevator. The hallway to my room was dark and romantically lit. My room was the nicest I've ever seen, complete with a stereo, flat-screen TV, and view like the Heartland scene from Rattle & Hum. PIC. And I took this of a funny photo hanging on my hotel room wall. PIC

We agreed we'd shower quickly and meet on the roof for a cocktail before dinner. When I got in the elevator on the 12th floor, he was already in the same elevator from the 4th floor. We shook hands in front of this other couple, pretending we'd just met. When we got to the penthouse, I was learned of how hot it could be in a summer evening in New York. I should not have brought a sweater with me (especially since I ended up losing it). We ordered martinis and sat at a table next to the rail. There was a pool on our hotel roof, and we could look across and see a pool on another hotel roof. I love hotel roof pools!! As the sun set, I had a glimpse of my favorite moment on this trip (outside of the U2 concert of course). Finally, I felt the heartbeat of NY which I didn't really feel my first time in NY in May 2005 to see U2 on the Vertigo Tour. Guess the heat helps.

For dinner, we went across the street to Pastis for Italian food and sat outside. We shared a bottle of white wine and about four dishes. I must've been hungry because we finished everything. This is where the night starts to blur. Of course we ended up back at the penthouse bar for a nightcap before crashing in our hotel rooms.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I created U2niverse on Facebook last November but forgot to post it on my blog!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


(read from the bottom up!) MY 75th SHOW!

TUESDAY 6/7: Nick asks everyone to check in by 6a sharp. Since there are two gates (A & B) we divide the line into two. I choose B for Bono/bRono. The stadium officials open the overpass gate at 7a and lead either line down to the official gates. (Doors do not open until 5p.) An NBC News crew shows up. I tell them that my ex started the line and lead them to him, but Nick is too busy organizing the line so they ask to interview me. After the interview I realized it was LIVE! Later they have no more live feed but videotape Nick. During his interview they say to him, "U2 must be something to bring you and your ex together today." LOL!

Luckily we had Nick's chairs. He and I split one of those Nature Valley granola bars that we lived on in Europe 2009. Matilde shared some hot coffee and a blanket. Others shared beer and food. Arlette made me a sign that read, "My 75th show, Bronwyn 'Brono'" and a few fans took pix of me when they saw it. Left the line plenty of times to use the restrooms and walk around to visit the other line. Even waited a bit for the band to arrive but it got too late so we had to give up.

At one point Nick was going back to his truck and asked if I needed to store anything. I had a backpack with my "U2: a Celebration" cloth in it so I said no. Shortly after I found out they were not allowing large backpacks inside, so I had to hike to Nick's truck by myself but it was fun. A guy hit on me on my way to the car but I told him I still had feelings for my ex who would be with me at the show, LOL!

Stadium personnel doled out the GA wristbands at 4p. Claudia visited the line and wanted to give me a drink and take a picture but it was too crowded and security wouldn't allow her to visit me. Gates opened at 5p basically without a hitch and we were allowed to run (at first). Someone yelled "Go Nick!" since he was running so fast and made it inside the circle first! I wasn't too far behind but I swear security always picks on females to slow down and/or not run. Luckily, Nick and Fernando saved me a spot in between them--I was literally dead center in the front my hometown show, WOW!

All day we had worried about the other gate getting in before us, although Alli W was first in line at Gate A. Crazily, security had the wristbands mixed up and thought the GA ones were for Red Zone and wouldn't let fans in at first! However, one fan from Red Zone got in and other fans, including our friend Voicheck from Poland, were mad. But security let the RZ fan stay. This tension combined with intense excitement over my spot got me teary-eyed.

Lenny Kravitz opened! (Luckily the big block in front of him got moved before U2 was on). VIDEO

(Brono #75, Nick #59--jumped up from Pasadena's count since he saw shows in summer 2010 and spring 2011)

Our Polish friend Wojtek (sounds like Voicheck) was in the right spot after all. Right behind me mind you. He had a sign that read, "Bono I flew 20h to be on stage with U2" and Bono brought him on stage! VIDEO

And here is a prelude to Streets. Makes me cry spontaneously! VIDEO

Bono has sung to me before, but this time it was extra special. Because it was a local show a few friends who were NOT in the circle noticed he was singing to front row center and without even knowing I was in that spot assumed that he was singing to me! Bono was so enrapturing that I am not even positive what song it was but I think it was Magnificent! I joked that he probably just likes reading my lips instead of relying on the teleprompter, ha!

I had some amazing moments at the Oakland show. But something happened where I had no sense of time. When they played Moment of Surrender (which I know damn well is their finale) I forgot it was their finale and was totally shocked when the show was over. I kept thinking they must have another encore but knew they didn't it. I guess I had a better time than I thought or maybe I felt let down a tad after waiting for two years plus 2.5 days in line. Now I'm planning on the New Jersey show 7/20 for my last on this tour!

MONDAY 6/6: Another mutual U2 friend, Brad Dier, took the 5a-1p shift today. My friend, Lori Saltveit, (among others) had signed up on 6/5. As everyone signing up Sunday had to check in again on Monday, Lori offered to keep Brad company starting around 10a and stay until 4p. Before she went she had me text Brad what he might like from Subway. Lori kindly bought him a breakfast sandwich, me a lunch sandwich, as well as something for herself plus a spare sandwich for someone else! I didn't have to do a shift this day, but I did have to check in so I decided I would go over after I reached a law firm about scheduling an interview. Luckily I scheduled the interview for the day after the concert at 2p. I made it back to the line by 12:30p and stayed until 6:00p. My face got a little red today from ULTRAVIOLET light.

SUNDAY 6/5: Before he drove to work, Nick drove our mutual U2 friend Fernando (aka Fer) to Glide Memorial Church (just 3 blocks from my place). I met Fer there at 8:15a. We were hoping U2 had taken a runner from the Seattle show the night before so Bono could attend his favorite church in the world. For the 9a service, we sat in the third row on the right, across from a few roped rows on the left. We saved a seat for Fer's friend, Arlette. No Bono. At 10:15 we went outside and found Arlette, who saw us but sat further back because she was late. We went to Starbuck's and returned for the 11a service. We had to finish our coffees before entering the main room, so the front-center rows were taken. We decided to sit in one of the front left rows on the side. Still no Bono, but we all agreed that the services were very entertaining, including some Lady Gaga music.

As we were waiting to exit the church, Nick called me and said he had a chance during work to go to the Oakland Coliseum and start the GA line. We needed to take over. So right away we walked to BART. The Dublin/Fremont lines weren't running out of SF so we took the Pleasanton BART, transferring to the Fremont line at 12th Street. Finally we got to the stadium around 1:00. We signed in on Nick's GA line list. Nick 1, Fer 2, Arlette 3, and me 4. Arlette and I offered to do the first shift, 1-9p. Fer went back to the city and Nick back to work, but they returned to do the 9p(Sun)-5a(Mon) shift.


Monday, July 5, 2010

U2 360° at the Rose Bowl - released June 2010

I've been so distraught with Bono's surgery and the postponing of this year's U.S. tour that I forgot to post about the DVD release!

Here is lots of good info on WIKIPEDIA!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

U.S. U2 Shows Postponed

Today our hearts raced and pounded as we found out the news that U2's 3rd leg of the 360 Tour in North America is postponed until next summer due to Bono needing two months to recover from near paralysis in one of his legs!! He is expected to make the 4th leg in Europe, so some of us are excited to be making plans for that now.

Click HERE for the most comprehensive article on the subjects.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bono's Emergency Back Surgery

Yesterday U2 fans got the awful news that Bono underwent emergency back surgery in Munich, Germany after injuring himself during "tour preparation training." The third leg of the tour's opener in Salt Lake City on June 3 is postponed. We are told we might hear more news by Tuesday morning, 5/25.

Click HERE for the article I first read at about 8:15am yesterday, Fri 5/21.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photos temporarily missing from links

Just yesterday some photos were deleted from the links on each entry below. They are slowly being restored....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Album(s)/Tour Legs in 2010

U2 started a tour break on October 29, 2009 that will last until summer 2010. They are expected to release a new album called Songs of Ascent, thought to be a counterpart to the current album, No Line On The Horizon (released in March 2009). However, there is other talk of releasing a "real" album as they claim to have enough material to do so, but they won't release it unless they feel it's perfect. One album or the other is expected in June!

Click HERE for the official schedule for the rest of the tour. The third leg starts in North America, June-July. The fourth leg is in Europe in August-early October.

A fifth leg could go to South America, Australia, New Zealand, and possibly other countries in later October-November.

I have tickets for Oakland and will probably go to Anaheim too (CA shows) and would go to Vegas if they play there. As for the rest of the U.S., I am hoping to make it to cities I haven't seen them play in, like Miami and Boston, but a lot depends on getting a job or jobs, how much I am making, and if I can take time off. I didn't think I might go abroad again but I am considering going to Russia since Natalie is from there!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Please remember to scroll down within each entry (city) and read in REVERSE chron order. In the photo with me is Cathal, author of Me & U2.

SUNDAY 10/25: As many times before, we had aimed to be at the venue early but decided it wasn't that important and decided to take our time. We had the complimentary continental breakfast at the hotel and then did a little shopping to prepare for being in line all day. My friend Dana was already at the venue, thinking I would already be there, and texted me that there was only one couple in the Red Zone 1 line. Nick and I had Red Zone 2 tickets (Adam side). We were thrilled to find NO LINE ON THE HORIZON for our line--so happy to be the first ones. And no one showed up for at least an hour. We found some shade, and blew up our air mattress. I read my book for awhile while Nick checked out the General Admission line.

Then a couple, Eden & Mike, joined us in line. They were kind enough to allow me and Nick to wander around so Nick took me to see the GA line. The line was long and thick, fans nicely spread out on grass with their lounge chairs and coolers. Met up with Dana, Natalie, Brad, and recognized other friends. Back in our Red Zone line Kevin (Nick's best friend) and his girlfriend Larissa who has the EXACT same birthday (1/25/69) as me(!) visited us. It was such a BEAUTIFUL DAY weather wise and Kevin brought me a Corona. At around 4pm, we decided to pack up and start the actual line at the gate. We were irritated with the repetitious announcements coming from the stadium and also watching countless fans walk up to security asking where to go and them telling them NOT to get in our line but to get in the GA line to the left of us. Nick video'd the line a bit. At one point the crowd of fans right behind us cheered for him. The scanner lady behind one of the gates seemed more excited than us. But would you believe, the guy scanning our tickets...his scanner wasn't working. Luckily Eden & Mike got through the gate on time and were kind enough to save us spots in the front row corner of the Red Zone. They offered us spots 1 & 2 but we refused, so we were 3 & 4 from the corner. Nick went to buy me a beer and I was getting a bunch of texts from friends. At one point I slammed down my hands on the rail and said loudly, "I LOVE THIS SHIT!!"

I had a shirt made (see Photos below) that has the U2 lyric "women of the future hold the big revelations" on the chest with a big "U2" on the stomach. I was going to change into it during Get On Your Boots, but I decided I liked the lacy top I was wearing and instead I put the U2 shirt over the rail just so the U2 showed! And during songs I held the shirt up and out over the rail. During I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight, I was holding it out as Adam was walking by on the catwalk. Nick screamed Adam's name until he got his attention. Then Adam just stood there right in front of me, smiling and being his flirtatious self. I was jumping up and down! Nick took my fly shades off my face for me, and this just added to the little flame going on with Adam. How I wish that part would show up on the DVD. You can see my purple shirt hanging in the air (lower left of screen) in this VIDEO at the 2:00 minute mark.

As we were walking out of the Red Zone, Nick spotted Stacey and Lisa, so we got to say hi to them. Then Nick and I decided to sit and talk in the rental car while the crazy traffic in the parking lot subsided. We didn't turn on the engine until 1am! So much for Adamesque's after-party in downtown LA.

When we got back to the hotel room, we watched a little of the webcast. But we were too tired to watch it all. We flew out of LA the next day, Mon 10/26, at 1:10p. Nick was nice enough to drive me (without me even asking) from SFO to JFK in Berkeley so I could participate in the Public Interest Certificate Ceremony.

U2 LA (the last U.S. show on this leg)
(Brono #74, Nick #45)
VIDEO (short due to concert being professionally filmed)
WEBCAST (I think the full webcast is down now; if someone finds it again please let me know. Update 3/20: DVD announced! More info to come.)

SATURDAY 10/24: We flew out of Vegas at noon. Got another rental car and drove about an hour to Pasadena. We decided to check out the Rose Bowl before going to our hotel. We found friends (Alli & Brad) in line, of course. Word was that the line had started since the day before the Vegas show but no one was allowed to spend the night and as a result the line order was getting shuffled a lot. We were happy to find that will-call was open so we got our concert tickets a day early plus a parking pass so we wouldn't have to deal with any of that the next day. Then we checked into the Comfort Inn. We considered seeing Echo & The Bunnymen accompanied by an orchestra in concert but decided it was better not to drive back and forth to downtown LA (an hour each way) and risk staying up too late since we were aiming to be at the venue by 8am. Instead we took a Jacuzzi. Nick briefly met a lady to whom he sold extra tickets, and then the two of us just relaxed in the room with the door open since the weather was so nice.

Monday, October 26, 2009


FRIDAY 10/23: We had to be up at 4am, pick up Brad at 5:15am, and wanted to be back in the line by 5:30am, a half hour earlier than we were expected. We had packed sleeping bags, a tent, and an air mattress, which we brought with us to the venue. While it was still dark, we gathered in the same area as yesterday, waiting for security to let us line up at the actual venue across the street. At about 6:30am we got the word, crossed the street with all our stuff, and lined up temporarily. Then we got word to go ahead and walk to gates 10 & 11. Several security guards smiled at us weirdly as 100+ fans dragged bedding in the dark. Brad walking around in a blanket acting and talking like Moses--too funny.

The sun quickly rose but it was still chilly in the early hours of the morning, but we were cozy with two sleeping bags and the air mattress Nick blew up, plus a fan loaned us their blanket. We didn't need the tent we brought. I read my new Half the Sky book and then we napped. This one gal who was separated from her friends in line and only had one blanket said, "I want to cuddle with them!"

Later Nick was checking out the line and spotted Christine and Spot, our Zoo Station fan friends from Petaluma. He took a picture and brought it to me. My reaction was, "Where is Bono!?" because Spot looks so much like Bono sometimes! So we decided to go find them again and take photos. Spot put in a vodka-and-beer order with Nick. Around 9am Nick and I left the line temporarily (leaving our stuff). We got lunch to go and then Nick dropped me off at the hotel so I could rest as I was feeling a garden variety upper respiratory infection (URI) coming on. Then he went to the airport to pick up Jovita. She had decided to come to the Vegas show last minute, got an earlier flight than expected, and needed to get to the venue to get a number and establish a place in line.

Right about 3pm we got a text from Jovita that security wanted fans to clear the line of stuff. But we didn't have to clear the area for awhile. So we visited with friends, using umbrellas for protection from the hot sun. At one point I was walking past Christine & Spot and noticed they were about to be interviewed for the news! So I got to watch that live.


Once the line was let in, Nick ran ahead, as usual, thankfully, and saved me a spot inside the circle, front row Edge! Christine & Spot were in the second row right behind us at first, but then someone motioned for them to go a little further down but let Christine in the front row, so we were only a couple people away from each other. I cried during most of the show, just a personal thing from being in the moment.

(be sure to read about the famous people in attendance!)
(Brono #73, Nick #44)

: It was 85 degrees as predicted. Just as we drove away from Bally's, we got a text from our U2 friend, Matilde. She had news that the General Admission line had started at Sam Boyd Stadium, so we decided to drive straight there. We saw our friends Joe and Vik (who were organizing the line) and others on this pseudo-sidewalk. So we got our numbers on our hands (27 & 28) and put our names on the General Admission list. We waited in line for awhile and then decided to drive down the street to check into the Siena Suites and get some lunch.

We went back to the line, met new friends, and awaited an announcement from security expected around 3pm. By 4pm, we found out that it was okay to leave the line, as long as we were all back by 6:00 the next morning for roll call. Roll call for a U2 line--as many U2 lines as I've been in, I just love those two words! So Nick and Joe and I took off for the New York New York Hotel where a U2 Interference party was starting at 5pm at the Nine Fine Irishmen pub. (Nick and I liked this pub when we saw The Police in Vegas in summer 2007.) We sat at this long bench table with other fans and had Guinnesses and a cheese dip with Irish country bread. A few hours later we drove Joe and his gal pal Anu to the airport so Joe could pick up a rental car along with some incoming friends.

We drove back to the line yet again and picked up our friend Brad and went back to the pub! Now they were charging a $5 cover. Argh. We went back outside to the same table and met our Facebook friend Elsha and her family who live in Utah. Elsha sold us handmade xmas cards. She is donating the proceeds to children in Africa. We left the pub by 11pm but didn't get to sleep until midnight.

: Nick and I flew to Las Vegas at 4:20pm (ha), got our rental car, and drove to Bally's. We were mad that neither of us thought to pack CDs for the rental car! When we checked in to Bally's, Nick told me the only room left in the hotel was the size of a broom closet. As I opened the door, I couldn't even see any was that BIG! We ended up getting a free upgrade to a was like 1930 Grand Hotel room meets Pretty Woman!!

Donny & Marie
We walked across the street and saw Donny & Marie Live at the Flamingo Hotel! Our seats were in the first row of booths, the booth furthest to stage left. At the beginning of the show, Nick wanted me to run up with him to the stage to greet Donny. I hesitated and hesitated but Nick waited for me and I finally followed. Donny did this fluttery-finger motion back and forth with me pretending to shake my hand but not. It was great! Nick and I ordered margaritas in these great hot pink keepsake glasses that are curvy and say "Donny & Marie Flamingo Las Vegas" on them. To think we used watch their TV show religiously 30+ years ago. We had a lady next to us take a great photo of us and Nick filmed parts of the show. Unfortunately at the end of the show, security confiscated the film card, even though it said nothing about photography rules on the tickets or anywhere in the venue. Luckily no U2 was on the film card!

Saturday, September 12, 2009



Now, I just found my little notebook from U2's Elevation Tour 2001, a time when blogs didn't exist (or at least I didn't use them yet). It's the same notebook I used to type up my 2005 diary (see first Blast from the Past link under July on this blog). Here's what it says. These are the exact words! Note, my second favorite U2 show ever was 8/19/01.


London, England
Slane, Ireland
August 2001

California, U.S., November 2001
(April 2001 not recorded--all time favorite show 4/20/01 San Jose)

Fri 8/17/01

Flying from SF to Toronto, I met a gal named Aislinn (same as Edge's ex-wife) who has sisters named Bronwen(!) and Kaylan (the middle name of my daughter if I would have children. Not.).


Sat 8/18/01 U2 #22 (Elevation #7)
  • solid wristband = neon green (heart), purple (standing)
  • checkered wristband = red
-Got in front of line with Wayne (guy who sold me and Valerie, whom I met online, tickets to Slane)
-Second row; cried first 3 songs; upset re pushed to 3rd row; Val in 2nd
-Went to bar playing U2

Sun 8/19/01 U2 #23 (Elevation #8)
  • solid wristband = red (heart), no. 152, black (standing)
  • checkered wristband = turquoise blue
-Got wristbands during the day and queued
-Second row; cried intermittently; next to Rolla and Bard; negativity from 1st row but not as bad as 1st night
-Saw Nikki (from Anaheim)

Mon 8/20
  • slept until 2pm (except getting up for breakfast)
  • got dressed up to go to central London; noticed queue at box office and got tix for 8/21 & 8/22 instead :)
  • went to Italian restaurant then to bed early for queue in a.m.
Tue 8/21/01 U2 #24 (Elevation #9)
  • up at 3:30a; took pillow + blanket to queue
  • number 20 written on my hand by Val's friends (first in line); all stood up to move up for 1st wristbands only to wait
  • 3:00p - still no wristbands; only one wristband to be given. Rumors of Bono's father passing. True 4pm :(
  • solid wristband = neon green
  • checkered wristband = neon orange (only 3:45p)
  • speculation on band canceling show due to Bob Hewson's death but show went on :)
Wed 8/22/01 U2 #25 (Elevation #10)
  • chose to sleep until 1pm and take time getting ready (it's 3pm now :)
  • sick of waiting in line and not making it to 1st row; so juvenile & negative some of these people and my Highly Sensitive Person trait is kicking in
  • MET LARRY, U2's drummer; autograph, photograph!!

Thu 8/23/01
  • flew to Dublin, Ireland w/Heather McCorkindale, who I've known since 2nd grade, from London airport
  • as I was saying to her, "All that you can't leave behind" (U2's current album title) in reference to our luggage, Chris Starr heard me! So we bumped into him + met Patrick (Pat)
  • I decided to stay with Chris + Pat in the Temple University dorm!
  • went to our first Ireland pub
Fri 8/24/01
  • went to Temple Bar area w/Chris + Pat to meet Heather + Frankie (whom she and I met during the Popmart Tour 1997)
  • just as I really started to stress about getting my Slane ticket from Valerie, I ran into her + burst into happy tears
  • went to a pub; Heather cried w/joy; I saw London fans outside
Sat 8/25/01 U2 #26 (Elevation #11)
  • took bus to Slane w/Pat + Chris around noon
  • Got there around 2pm
  • t-shirts already sold out @ 3pm!
  • put on different wristbands and got into VIP Slane Castle area! Stayed and drank all day until U2 came on
  • ran thru/tripping over the crowd (threw things at us) + got in the heart :):)
Sun 8/26/01
  • last night stayed in hotel instead of dorm, found out Aaliyah died yesterday
  • was supposed to meet Val, etc @ The Kitchen (U2's bar) but Chris + Pat flaked and I didn't feel like venturing out alone; had a meltdown in my separate dorm bedroom :(
Mon 8/27/01

  • met employee! [see 11/15 below]
Mon 11/12/01 U2 #27 (Elevation #12)
  • rented a car and drove to L.A. (in the pouring rain for the first half)
  • saw show with Heather, Chris, etc.
  • Courtney (Captive from "Exit") got on stage to play guitar! We waived at each other.
Tue 11/13/01 U2 #28 (Elevation #13)
  • went to second show w/Chris w/o tix. He introduced me to his friend, Dana.
  • Dana walked up to a stranger asking if he had extra tix for sale. He turned out to be the President of and gave us SIX luxury suite tix for FREE!!!
  • a guy in the parking lot w/a neon U2 sign on his car gave me a bunch of small laminated U2 posters
Wed 11/14/01
  • drove home from L.A. w/Chris
Thu 11/15/01 U2 #29 (Elevation #14)
  • hosted pre-party @ The Field in North Beach/SF and saw show w/Lori, Chris, Nikos
Fri 11/16/01 U2 #30 (Elevation #15)
  • hosted pre-party @ The Irish Bank in downtown SF and saw show w/Annie, Alex, Chris
  • after No Doubt opened, Gwen Stefani was in the heart and patted Annie's 7-mo pregnant belly
Sun 11/18/01 U2 #31 (Elevation #16)
  • hosted pre-party @ The Field in North Beach/SF and saw show w/Lori, Chris, Nikos
Mon 11/19/01 U2 #32 (Elevation #17)
  • rented another car and drove back to L.A. w/Chris and saw show
Tue 11/20/01 U2 #33 (Elevation #18)
  • rented a different car and drove alone to Sacto and saw show w/Lori, Gail, and also Kent + Todd

Monday, August 17, 2009


U2 came to North America, starting in Chicago, on 9/12/09. We are seeing U2 in Vegas and Los Angeles at the end of October. (We sold our tickets for Vancouver, the finale, deciding that part of the trip was too expensive for only one show.)

ENGLAND (ending)/New York

SUNDAY 8/16: Up at 4:30a. Leave hotel at 5:45a. Cab to airport. Just before walking inside I say "BYE BYE EUROPE!" Go to Costa Cafe in airport to have the advertised Gingerbread Latte (soooooooo good!), plus a handmade free-range egg sandwich. Nick has a toasted ham and cheese sandwich. Nick and I are in tears, laughing about this pic I took of him where he looks like a mole (living in a hole, digging up my soul now, going down, excavation....)!

On airplane from Lon to NY, I put the headphones on to listen to an 80s station and "London Calling" by The Clash plays first!

In NY, we have a 3-hour layover and decide to tram to downtown Manhattan, expecting it will take an hour there, we'll have an hour there, and an hour to get back. Then we realize we are on the subway for nearly 90 minutes and not yet in downtown Manhattan, so we get out and wait on the other side to go back. It's 90 degrees and even hotter at the subway stop. At one point a train on the original side stopped and the driver tried telling us something. I nudged Nick that she was saying something, which I couldn't hear, but he couldn't hear me either. As others started walking away, we spot a sign that says a certain line is not running this weekend. We have to exit, take the Uptown to a Brooklyn Bridge stop, and transfer to the J and then back to the A and back to the airport tram. Everyone and their grandmother was going to Rockaway Beach. We could not believe how crowded it was! All I could think was that I do NOT get the hoopla about NY! Of course our flight was departing from the last terminal (number 8). Our flight was scheduled to depart at 3:10p. We went through security, ran, and arrived just at that time, but the plane was gone. Fortunately, we made the standby for a flight a few hours later.

: Up at 4:00a. In line by 6:00a. We have to get numbers in both lines (because we can't pick up our tickets at will-call until 11:00a which indicate where to enter the stadium) and separate temporarily, Nick staying in one line, me staying in the other. We're numbers 14 & 15 in the F line and numbers 42 & 43 in the B/C line. I talked to a security guy named Fez! First I asked him if he knew there is a song on U2's current album called Fez - Being Born although they don't play it live? He did not know. Found out that the B/C line is bigger because the entrance has a 9,000 capacity whereas the F line entrance has only a 6,000 capacity. At 10:00a Nick leaves for the will-call queue, will-call opening at 11:00a again. We are disappointed to find out our tickets are for the B/C line, and I move out of the F line around 11:15a, along with some other fans in the same predicament, saying goodbye to some nice fans I met. One woman is an attorney with the Global Fund and shows me this incredible photo of herself with Bono in Rwanda! Luckily, I have been passing out my U2 "business cards" left and right--it makes it easier to say goodbye.

In the new line, I hold our place while Nick checks out of Wembley Plaza and into Hotel Ibis next door, since the Plaza's rates went up too high for that Saturday night. As I wait, I notice the clouds drifting by in the sky...something I love to do as an in-the-moment check on vacation. Luckily, Nick's friend Tom is in line with me. They met at the Tokyo shows, which I could not go to due to my first semester in law school on the 2006 tour. Ironically, it was just before the Hawaii show (which was just after the Tokyo shows) when Nick and I started dating. Our friend Z is there too, and also Lana. Later, Nick and I take separate hotel room breaks to change and freshen up for the show.

U2 LON 2

(Brono #72, Nick #43 - to match his number in line :)
VIDEO including Bono singing to us
Bono-only video below

Being further in line than yesterday is frustrating with people lining up too close as the stadium doors open. We start to run and realize we have to go back for pitch wristbands, which we did not need yesterday. Security is plentiful and slow but we finally run to the front row of the outer rail, for which we were aiming. But, we end up more Edge side than Bono than I wanted to be, and I start to cry. I realize I am spoiled, tired, and partly my tears are about our trip ending and this being our last summer show.

We end up standing next to these French fans half our age, a gal and two guys. Laetitia is crying at the same time I am. I ask her what is wrong and she replies, "It's my last show this year!" Nick takes a funny picture of me and her bawling together. The guy (Benjamin) next to her is someone Nick recognizes from a PHOTO he took of Bono at Dublin 3. Ben is the front row guy in glasses. When Nick tells Ben, he is so appreciative! We give Ben our cards, and Ben tells the joke, "What is the difference between God & Bono? Bono exists!" This is now my favorite joke in the world!

Why don't I trust that things are meant to be as they happen? Bono ends up kneeling and singing the intro to BD right in front of us again, just like in Germany, even though it's not the center of the row! VIDEO of Bono singing to us and blip of Vertigo (although the camera never quite lands on me, Nick, or Tom, but you can see Benjamin, Laetitia, and Zbych w/Elmo). Check out this youtube VIDEO called "Highlight Moment" of I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.

Laetitia and Ben and Ben's other guy friend are all crying through most of the show! We've seen fans cry before but this is just so touching! I lose it during Where The Streets Have No Name for the first time on this tour. During One, our entire row is arm and arm, swaying to and fro. During the Desmond Tutu speech, our little group tries to follow along with his words, and we end up laughing hysterically. After the ended I embraced Fran for a long period because she kept crying. I told her she reminded me of myself at her age.

Then Tom, Lana, Nick and I go for a post-show beer (thanks Tom!) at our hotel bar, which is packed with U2 fans. It's nice they allow us and other fans to stand outside the bar near the street with the beers. We say goodbye to Lana and Tom as they walk to the Underground together. Nick and I go right to sleep as we have to get up early for our flight home.

: Went on Internet while Nick slept in. Went to will-call window line at 10:30a with will-call expecting to open at 11:00a. Met Manuel, a U2 fan Nick met online. By 12:30p, we went to the Red Zone 1 doors. We were 1st & 2nd in that line! We had fun meeting others, particularly Tracy and Richard, with whom we did a ticket exchange. Wembley was the first venue to have a self-scanning process for the tickets. It was such a rush running to front row center again.

U2 LON 1
(Brono #71, Nick #42 - to match his age :)

Bono was ON FIRE! I think he enjoyed the show more than the rest of the band and the audience combined! Nick said he'd never seen Bono work so hard and earlier in the tour Nick was saying Bono seemed tired. Before No Line On The Horizon, he said, "Ali Baba!" which Eleonora said refers to his spouse Ali. Chris Starr calls Ali my new best friend since Nick and I've met her three times. At one point Bono indicated he wanted a flag on stage and like half a dozen were thrown up there. Nick notices that if they play Elevation, Bono first says into the microphone, "Going up!"

THURSDAY 8/13: Breakfast and check out by 7:45a. Walk to bus station across the street and take bus to airport. The bus ride out of town is similarly scenic as the train ride into town. Bye beautiful Ljubljana!

Fly to London. Hour bus ride plus take Underground to Wembley Plaza hotel. Immediately go to stadium, which is right next door, to meet fans Nick met online for ticket exchange at the will-call window. But there are problems and no meetings occur at this time. Go to pub to eat. I have a Caesar salad and Nick has chicken yakitori, plus two Foster's beers. And for once we get a second beer, because of the happy-hour prices.

Take swim in the hotel's lovely heated pool and jacuzzi!! And take a sauna and steam bath!! Sleep like babies. Wait, Nick and I ask...don't babies wake up every few hours? Haha.